We love hiking in the stunning Alpine peaks, play in the snow in the middle of summer and eat the most delicious desserts.

Click on the pictures to find out more about the different places we visited in Austria, our recommendations as well as our favorite travel memories….

The most picture perfect village


Hallstatt is a charming picture perfect village. It is such a popular destination that China built a replica city in the area of Huizhou in 2011.

Stairs into nothing…..


Austria’s highest suspension bridge, the stairway to nothingness and snow in the middle of summer made the Dachstein unforgettable.

Salzburger Nockerl….


We tried many different desserts and Salzburger Nockerl was one of our favorites. Do you know the story of this famous

amazing views…


The “black mountain” rises 3,798 m above a sea of three hundred 3,000 m peaks surrounding it. 

looking for the golden Dachl


There are lots of beautiful places in Innsbruck, but our favorite was the city tower.