Luca or Ketto how he called himself as a toddler made me a mom for the first time. He was the perfect, most extraordinary baby and little boy. Time flies because now he is almost as tall as I am. He will be a teenager soon and I wish I could just freeze time.

Luca is very smart and bright. Learning comes easy to him. When he was smaller he asked lots of questions and he could talk…. He could talk all day long, it was so cute and I loved to listen to his little wisdom. He still wants to know the answers to everything, is very ambitious and eager to learn. And he still likes to talk too. Even though I want to stop the time, I really enjoy planning our travels together and love his input, suggestions and interest. He is a great travel partner and up for anything. We have a lot of the the same characteristics.

He is thoughtful and kind. He is helpful and full of great ideas. He can be the most awesome big brother or the greatest son, if he wants to…. When he is passionate about something, he will make it come true. Last year for Christmas, he made me the most spectacular Advent calendar for example. I love to see his creativity and his ideas come to life. He is already business savvy and surprises us constantly.

Luca loves computers, video games and the Internet. He is our gaming specialist.

And he loves food. Both eating and preparing it. I enjoy cooking and baking together.