Giorgio is our Golden Boy (as a toddler he told us that his hair was golden, not blonde), who is sweet, loving and affectionate. At the same time, he is our super cool guy and the only one that was born in Miami Beach.

He loves cats. And dogs. And chicken (he would like to have some one day) . And every animal really. He told me that when he grows up, he wants to have a farm or place with lots of animals. He even likes the tiniest creatures and rescues them from harm. He once had a cricket sitting freely on his shoulder that accompanied us for an entire hike several miles.

He is smart and loves sports, anything really outdoors. He is very interested in nature and always carries at least one pocket knife in his pocket. There is always a stick to carve, something like “Brenessel” to harvest or a special stone to collect. And he loves music. He might be a Rockstar one day…

Giorgio has the most special laugh and can light up the entire room when he smiles.