I was born and raised in Germany. I still have my grandmothers and family living in Germany

Click on the pictures to find out more about the different places we visited in Germany , our recommendations as well as our favorite travel memories….

one of the most beautiful towns

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a quaint little town in northern Bavaria known for its medieval architecture. Half-timbered houses line the cobblestone lanes of its old town. 

amazing views on the river Rhine

Ruedesheim am Rhein

A little town in the Rhine Valley that is known for winemaking, especially of Riesling wines. We went up to the Niederwald Denkmal.

climbing on red sandstone rocks


Altschlossfelsen is a 6.9 mile loop trail in the Rhineland Palatine forest. The red sandstone rocks make it feel like hiking in a canyon.



The Devil’s Table (“Teufelstisch”) is one of the most striking mushroom rocks in Hinterweidenthal in the Rhineland-Palatinate.



We hiked down the Fellhorn on a panoramic hiking trail and passed flower fields, cows, a beautiful lake and the Schlappoldkopf.



Helgoland is an island in the North Sea and is famous for its dramatic red chalk-like sandstone cliffs, colorful wooden shacks, the seals on the Duene and duty free shopping.

where Rhine and Mosel connect…

Deutsches Eck

The German corner is the meeting point of Rhine and Moselle and is overseen by an extra huge Kaiser Wilhelm statue.  

most beautiful suspension bridge

Geierlay Bridge

Until May 2017 the 360m long Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay was the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Germany. At a height of 100 meters above the Mörsdorfer Bachtal it connects the towns of Mörsdorf and Sosberg.