And last, but certainly not least our pink princess mermaid. I wanted to have a little girl for many years and when she finally came in our family, she made it complete. She is exactly what I had dreamed about. She is happy. She loves big. She is kind and sweet. She is affectionate. She loves to help me and cares about others

Olivia is our happy, girly girl that loves nail polish, dresses with ruffles, princess costumes, jewelry, anything with glitter and pink (just like her Mami)and makeup. She has the biggest heart and an equally big personality. Even though she is the smallest of the family, she knows how to get what she wants and is our little boss.

She loves being barefoot and is either dressed only in underwear or dressed up in a costume. She is brave, independent and in her mind can do anything her big brother can do.

She can color for hours and is very precise about it. She is our artist and is very proud about her artwork. She loves dancing, laughing and being silly.