Christian, my Amore Mio, was born in Bergamo, Italy and moved to the United States around the same time as I did in the early 2000s. We met shortly afterwards in Naples, Florida and decided to move together to Miami only a few weeks after meeting. We married in 2006 and are still living in Miami today.

He also grew up traveling with his family and loved it as much as I did. We have the same sense of adventure. There are still lots of relatives living in Italy and Germany, so we like to go back and visit as often as we can.

One of my favorite qualities of my husband is that he is caring and generous. He would do anything for his family. He also goes along with all my crazy ideas and makes them come true. He is very funny, friendly, easy going, a little crazy sometimes – especially when it involves his favorite soccer team and is usually the life of the party. From time to time he can be a Grinch too, but that is usually short lasting. He is a collector too.

Oh, and he is a great chef. He shows his love through food and we love to have big family meals with lots of dishes…