Hi, my name is Ina and I live in Miami with my husband and our three kids. I was born and raised in Germany, but moved to the United States with my family almost 20 years ago. My love to travel began early as a child traveling together with my sister and parents or my grandparents. No matter, where we traveled, I was excited and happy to visit new places and see the world. This love and excitement just intensified throughout the years. Traveling, making memories, discovering new places, learning about different cultures and people, doing incredible adventures and being together as a family is my greatest joy. I am thrilled that all our kids caught the travel bug (that my husband and I both have) and share the excitement to travel around the world. One of our dreams is to buy a RV and travel full time one day… Aaaaaand my bucket list is pretty long. There are so many amazing places all over the world and I hope to see them all.

I love to plan and organize our travel adventures. I can spend days planning the perfect itinerary, but I am also pretty flexible when something doesn’t work out as planned. There is always a different road, place or thing worth visiting.

I also love pink, glitter, the holidays, celebrations, parties, crafting, baking, desserts, decorating, all 4 seasons and to live life to the fullest with my family and friends. I am very grateful for my husband, my kids and the life we have created and hope to travel to many more places together.