The United States is the perfect destination for all kinds of travel adventures. The travel opportunities here are endless as you can have a snow filled adventure and see glaciers and ice in Alaska, have a tropical holiday in Hawaii, party in Las Vegas or Miami, visit the incredible National Parks, or experience some of the most iconic cities in the world like New York City. Each state offers something unique and different. From cosmopolitan cities to complete wilderness, amazing beaches and breathtaking coasts, scenic drives, delicious food, cultural diversity, and the list goes on…

There is so much to see, do, experience and eat – there is something for every kind of traveler.

One of my dreams is to travel to all 50 states in a RV motor home, One day, I will make it come true…. Until then, we are visiting one state or better one city at a time.

I am sharing my favorite destinations, our travel adventures, local finds and useful tips by State.